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  • jomeshrow
    8 hours 42 minutes ago
    jomeshrow created a new topic ' SkulpTek Pro Review' in the forum.
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  • korm
    14 hours 46 minutes ago
    korm replied to the topic 'Any ideas if this is possible?' in the forum.

    Thanks for the reply.

    I have looked at KinesicMouse but its really expensive...Have to get the Kinect and then the software.
  • korm
    korm replied to the topic 'Devices to play pc without my hands' in the forum.

    I am very impressed with your videos. You are aiming with your head right? If so, then I find that amazing! I cannot seem to aim even 10% as well as you do. Are you playing online? Even playing on medium bots gets me killed without getting a single kill myself.I can't even play... I quit after a minute or 2. I've tried both via WebCam and face track no IR.

    There are 2 options for mouse control in face track no IR and apparently FPS games require relative mode which I find way less accurate compared to absolute mode which I use for RTS games.

    I am able to play RTS games with face track no IR which even though it says no IR in the name uses 3 infrared lights to track and position the mouse cursor. I find my neck gets sore because in order for it to be sensitive enough for the fine touch movements to select single units I find the sensitivity has to be low and I have to move my head a lot in order to scroll around the map.

    Considering that building my 3 LED set up cost less than $10 and face track no IR is free it's pretty good .

    Now to the questions. How the hell do you aim like that? I see you mention smart nav but even leaving accuracy aside say I start off looking at a wall as a CT in dust 2 and turn right to head into B and I turn my head right because that is the direction I want to move I have to keep my head turned to the right in order to move in that direction and then if I want to turn even further to the right I can't. With a mouse I can just lift it off the desk and re-centre it. How do you acomplish this in FPS games with a head mouse?

    I have never used a puff and sip. 1st, is it messy? Is it easy to talk around it for voice commands? It's programmable for 2 functions right? Puffing as in breathing out and sipping as in pulling in?

    Have you tried other head mouse aiming systems and how much better is the smart NAV because it seems pretty damn smooth on the video. It is a very large cost though… Especially since I have my home-made one that works pretty good for RTS games.

    I do realise that this is many months after the original post and I may not get an answer but no harm in asking :-)
  • korm
    korm created a new topic ' Any ideas if this is possible?' in the forum.
    Just wondering if anyone has tried any of the eye tracking hardware that is currently available "for developers only"?


    It seems there are 2 the Tobi eye x and the eye tribe and both seem to be capable of controlling the mouse cursor within a 2 cm field.

    It sounds very interesting and am wondering if it may work well with a head mouse? Position the cursor in the area you want and then use the head mouse to move the last little bit for accuracy? Or if they may cancel each other out?

    What I don't think is available yet and I'm not sure if it would be hard to program as I'm not a programmer would be having programmable keys at the edges of the screen for example up down left and right and in each corner. For an RTS game you could set these as the arrow keys and if you wanted to scroll in a particular direction just look there. Same for FPS except bind them to WASD.

    I don't suppose this is possible currently?

    The other possibility that I've been thinking about was controlling the same keys with slight forward and backward movements of the body. For example you move forward 2 cm and your character starts running forward on screen you move backwards 2 cm and he stops. He moved to the left and he moves to the left. This could either be done by camera (hopefully without affecting a head mouse too much) or with a mobile phone which has an accelerometer on your head.

    Any ideas if this is possible?
  • anemerssmith
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  • korm
    korm replied to the topic 'VAC doesn't seem great? Tazti seems better?' in the forum.
    Sorry I thought I posted a comment thanking you fdavision.

    It is definitely my favourite program for voice recognition in gaming.

    It works wonders for me and I love it. Thank you very much. Only $8 too :)
    I'm not sure about using vocola it seemed a little complicated? And voice attack seems to do everything I need to so far.
  • Merlijn
    2 days ago
    Merlijn created a new topic ' Ideas for alternative input methods' in the forum.
    Hi everyone,

    First of all I would like to say, thank you to all the people in this forum, working on different controllers so everyone can enjoy all the good games which are out there. Through Hackaday and The Controller Project I stumbled on this forum and was wondering if anybody had some usefull ideas for alternative input methods for people with disabilities.

    I am currently doing my Masters in Computer Science in Austria. One of the classes I am enrolled in, looks at new ways we can interfact with 3D-environments. The main part of the class is a project where we can work on these new ideas. Last year I read a post from Caleb from Hackaday concerning his custom built game controller and The Controller Project. That brought me here :)

    I know this question may be a very broad one but nonetheless I would appreciate it if anyone could point me to some new ideas which could really be of use for anyone.

    Kind regards,

  • Brisaac
    2 days ago
    Thank you for letting us
  • RockSmashCreators
    3 days ago
    RockSmashCreators replied to the topic 'Speedrunning with a disability' in the forum.
    Hey Halfcoordinated, I saw your speedrun for Vanquish on YouTube. You've got some serious skills! Very cool. Anyway, it's good to see disabled gamers doing speedruns, and I'm curious too to find out whether anyone else on this forum does speedruns...
  • halfcoordinated
    5 days ago
    halfcoordinated created a new topic ' Speedrunning with a disability' in the forum.
    Hello everyone, I've known about this community for quite a long time and I figured it was about time to actually post here. I've had a physical disability called hemiparesis my entire life that lowers feeling and coordination in my entire right side. As such, I play a majority of games better controlled one-handed than with two. I've done pretty well with this over the years, and started speedrunning a couple years ago. While I've run a decent number of games, My main game by far is Vanquish (a fast paced third-person shooter) and if you're familiar with the game, no, I do not use the aim-assisted difficulty setting. I hold the world record for the fastest time by a wide margin, and I doubt it'd be clear that I was playing one-handed to anyone if I didn't have a handcam.

    If you're interested here's my current fastest run: Twitch VOD with Handcam or Youtube HD game feed only

    My most entertaining run though is probably This run from the JRTA marathon if you want good commentary.

    Anyways, the main point of this post is more of to try to connect. I've wondered for quite a while now if there are others than speedrun games despite any disability they may have, and the unique challenges that come along with that. If this sounds like you, I'd love to hear about it and see your run(s) if possible! I love the speedrunning community, but sometimes I can feel a bit out of place.

    Also, if you only have your left hand to play games with and are struggling with that I highly suggest that you try out the grip I use. It's good for a very wide variety of genres and gives access to the whole controller at once. If you can't tell from the handcam in some of the videos above, my palm is on the left stick while my thumb handles the right stick and the face buttons. Pinky and ring fingers press left shoulder buttons while the index and middle finger press the right shoulder buttons. Unfortunately, it does help if you have long fingers as well.

    Thanks for reading, and even if you don't speedrun I'd love to hear your thoughts. The fact that this charity and community even exists is incredible to me.
  • halfcoordinated
    5 days ago
    halfcoordinated uploaded a new avatar

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