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  • a guest
    15 hours 13 minutes ago
    A guest voted as helpful a review, Borderlands: Pre-Sequel PC Accessibility Review, written by {target}.
    • Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
    • Not much has changed between Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, either in terms of gameplay or accessibility. The game plays almost exactly the...
  • staron
    2 days ago
    staron replied to the topic 'Adroit controller' in the forum.
    I'm currently planning on hooking up the adroit to a xb1 using cronus. Let's hope it works!

    The reason I asked this was because an evil representative told me that they were in the finishing stages of a new adroit. Both a ps4 and xb1 version was being made, and ETA was in 4 weeks. That was in may.
  • WCShaun
    2 days ago
    WCShaun replied to the topic 'FYI for PC Dragon Age Inquisition, controls change' in the forum.
    MCSiegel wrote:
    Has anyone tried playing this with an on-screen keyboard? That's how I played the first two DAs and it worked pretty well. Hope that holds true for this one.

    I'm playing the game with the on-screen keyboard, and I am not having any issues with it. Windowed mode does not confine the mouse pointer so you will be able to get to the on-screen keyboard without any issues. I find it much easier to navigate the menus with the on-screen keyboard them with the mouse.
  • Ps3 fanboy
    4 days ago
    Ps3 fanboy replied to the topic 'the 'how are the game controlls in ...?' thread' in the forum.
    Has anyone played murder soul suspect or Sherlock Holmes Crimes and punishment was wondering how the controls were laid out for a one handed gamer

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