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  • georgli
    georgli replied to the topic 'the 'how are the game controlls in ...?' thread' in the forum.
    Gods Will Be Watching
    Turn based point and click

  • georgli
  • georgli
    georgli created a new topic ' The "Let's ask for info on accessibily"- thread.' in the forum.
    I started this thread because over time I discovered that there are lots of folks on other forums and communiies that are more than willing to answer questions about accessibility features in certain games. Of course there's Steam, IGN, Rock Paper, Shotgun but there's more. Why don't we just ask for information? It will solve two problems at once: We get the information and the others get a taste of what's needed by disabled gamers

    So, first of all I want to encourage you to ask gamers and developers about the things you need to know in order to find out wether or not a game is accessible for you.

    Second, I would like you to share the links to the threads with your questions.

    Third, I would like you to comment on these threads and to emphasize the need for information on accessibility and the need for accessibility per se.

    Please stay friendly and please ask in a way anyone can understand what you would like to know.
  • georgli
    georgli replied to the topic 'VAC doesn't seem great? Tazti seems better?' in the forum.
    VAC needs you to perform recognition training (the one from Windows).
    VAC does not contain functionality for mouse movement, so I'm guessing that the mouse issues come either from incompatibility with your headmouse or from VAC commands that accidentally are shortcuts used by the headmouse.
    Sometimes I experience the mouse trailing and in these situation it always looks like a driver issue of my webcam. It happens also when VAC ain't running.

    I tried Tazti in Windows XP and I never got it to work. One time it even caused a complete Windows fallure with a wipe and clean installation in its wake. Because of this I didn't spread the word about Tazti. VAC never caused any problems for me but I'm glad that Tazti works so well for you.

    Here's some more information on VAC and how to make it perform even better.
  • krzywy39
    krzywy39 created a new topic ' Elo' in the forum.
    Eloo to each one, my name's Lucas
    I need to tell You how are You for each one !!!!
  • korm
    korm created a new topic ' VAC doesn't seem great? Tazti seems better?' in the forum.
    Hi guys,

    Guess I'm new to the forum, though I have spent a bit of time reading to see what others are using.

    I have finally perfected face track no IR, seemingly counterintuitively named, with my home-made 3 IR LED system.

    It was definitely a bit of a mission to create and get it working properly. Now that I have the tracking is quite good. And I feel like one of those sharks from the Austin powers movie. You know, the ones with "freaking laser beams attached to their heads" :P ;) :woohoo: .

    So, now that I've got the head tracking down fine (at least in RTS games, I suspect once I try FPS games I might be creating another thread to ask for help).

    The issue I have now is inputs via voice. I 1st found out about Tazti awhile back and it was the 1st that I used simply because it was the 1st I'd heard of.

    Tazti the good:

    1. Recognition is fantastic and it carries out my commands quickly and efficiently once I've set up a profile ofcourse.
    2. You can upload profiles to the program so anyone can access them without the need to find them in a forum.
    3. Easy to use.

    Tazti the bad:

    1. You can't clone an existing command to create a similar command by just editing one or 2 things you have to create the command from scratch each and every time.
    2. You can't rename your voice command once you have created it. If you decide to name something else you must delete and recreate the new command.
    3. For multi-key commands it seems you can only use up to 3 keys. (Some of my commands use 4 keys, although, there is a macro section that I don't really understand yet).

    I decided to give VAC a try because of the above-mentioned bad things. It only took me a few minutes to figure out the program and how to use it.

    VAC The good:

    1. Seems that I can set up as many key combinations in a single command as I want.
    2. I can duplicate previous entries to quickly create similar commands.
    3. I can rename the voice command if I so choose.
    4. It seems to have every possible key, I believe some keys are missing from Tazti (like left control and right control).
    5. Easy to use.

    VAC The bad:

    1. It seems to have quite poor recognition. I saw someone else say the same but said English was his second language. English is my 1st language... but I amAustralian.
    2. It seems to trigger multiple commands at the same time.
    3. In RTS games it seems to move my mouse cursor to the edge of the screen when I issue commands. This means I'm trying to attack or build something and suddenly I`m scrolling off into the distance and unable to reset my mouse to centre without tabbing back to the desktop. (The face track shortcut doesn't work after VAC has sent me off on its own wild goose chase.)

    In short, VAC was unusable for me. Am I crazy? Am I doing something wrong? Quite disappointed after spending a couple of hours building the profile (at least I haven't spent any money on it). Now I will have to recreate in Tazti as best I can.

    I am going to email the creator of Tazti with my good and bad list… Constructive criticism and all that. Who knows. Maybe some of my feedback will cause an update and improve the program.

    For those whom VAC works perfectly. I would not recommend using tazti as it seems a little less robust. If you have tried VAC and it didn't work well for you I'd recommend giving Tazti a try. It was free to trial and I assume it still is.
  • willfletcher7
    2 days ago
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  • dmxsixersfan
    3 days ago
    dmxsixersfan created a new topic ' ARMA 3 TROUBLE CONTROLING' in the forum.
    I bought ARMA 3 and for some odd reason my x keys will not function in game but VAC works fine. Did anybody else try ARMA 3 or know how to resolve this issue?
  • netwise
    3 days ago
    Greetings all!

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