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  • Xpect
    1 hours 17 minutes ago
    Xpect thanks user 'boellemis' in the forum message ' KinesicMouse 50+ inputs with head & face'.
  • Icaryn
    16 hours 15 minutes ago
    Icaryn uploaded a new avatar
  • Icaryn
    16 hours 17 minutes ago
    Icaryn created a new topic ' 3DS Joystick Workaround?' in the forum.
    Hello all! I have a 3DS and can use all of the buttons besides the joystick and the triggers. Me and my roommate are looking for a possible workaround for me to be able to play some games I've been waiting to play for awhile that require it. I have movement in my arms but very little and low strength. We were thinking of extending the stick or maybe wiring a longer one onto it. An ideas?

  • boellemis
    21 hours 6 minutes ago
    boellemis replied to the topic 'KinesicMouse 50+ inputs with head & face' in the forum.
    Xpect wrote:
    Hi all,

    i am having troubles posting to the forums. For some reason i cannot connect with my internet on the workstation pc so i am literally using my iphone now.

    The new version 2.3 is released and you can download it from the kinesicmouse website. It includes the easy-to-use keyboard bindings and other improvements. You can try to backup your settings and macros by making a copy of the "macros_v2.xml" and "settings_v2.xml" in the KM AppData folder BEFORE (!) uninstalling the old version.

    @wheelie19: that's great. 8 - 10 signal for a start is pretty good. Remember that it is not intended that you can use all 50+ signals. Select the ones that work best for you and grow from there. Once you master your signals try to add new ones to your setup. Making key bindings should be a lot easier now with the update.
    I am looking forward to your feedback, if you have any suggestions let me know.

    @boellemis: the KM needs a lot of CPU power so a 50% load is normal on a modern PC. Your 100% is fairly strange though. It is hard to tell what causes this problem without having the exact same hardware around. I suspect though that this may be caused by a Intel library used for complex calculations. This library is optimized for specific hardware and it might not support your platfrom. I prepared a download including a newer version of this .dll file. You can try to replace the .dll in the KinesicMouse installation folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\Xcessity Software Solutions\KinesicMouse2)

    1. download the file kinesicmouse.com/downloads/libiomp5md.zip
    2. extract the included .dll file
    3. replace it with the one in the KM installation folder
    4. (maybe keep the old one around just in case there are problems)

    Thank you for your feedback,


    Thank you so much for trying to resolve the problem :-) unfortunately it didn't help, but i think its just that my cpu is too slow, i talked to wheelie who have a i7 4770k, i believe he had around a 30% load :-)
  • ss4songoku
    ss4songoku replied to the topic 'using 3ds with very little hand movement' in the forum.
    I've used a ds emulator for awhile now but emulators for the 3ds seem to be a long ways off. I wouldn't pirate them if there were any other option but I certainly don't feel guilty since nintendo makes zero effort to include disabled gamers. If there was a pc version for disabled gamers I'd be more than willing to pay a steep price.
  • ss4songoku
    2 days ago
    ss4songoku created a new topic ' using 3ds with very little hand movement' in the forum.
    I have been looking for a way to usa a 3ds for some time now and I was wondering what my options are. I have very limited use of my hands but I can use a small computer mouse and I can press a couple keyboard keys if I'm set up just right. Is there any way to play 3ds games on a pc? I'm not talking about roms just a way to connect a 3ds to my computer to play with the mouse and on screen keyboard. If that's impossible I'm open to any suggestions. I've been dying to play Pokemon x and y. I just have no clue how.
  • sheady
    2 days ago
    Would any be intersted in a 24 hour legend of legends charity live stream?
  • tjmvermont
    3 days ago
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  • RockSmashCreators
    4 days ago
    RockSmashCreators replied to the topic 'How can developer enable HeadTracking?' in the forum.
    Thanks for all the help! Our game is finally released, and we tried to put in all of the accessibility features suggested. They're all available in the options menu. We're going to start on our next project soon, so before we do, we want to make sure this one is accessible for everyone. Can one of the reviewers here take a look at it? We'd appreciate it.

    Download it from Itch.io: http://rocksmashcreators.itch.io/rocksmash----a-year-in-the-neighborhood/

    This forum has been invaluable to us. Thanks for all the help!
  • RockSmashCreators
    4 days ago
    RockSmashCreators uploaded a new avatar

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