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Finn Morgan
Release Date
September 25, 2012
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Are you ready to test your brain power in a new colourful way? Are you prepared to master the forces of gravity to reach your goal?

Finn Morgan and Puppy Punch Productions challenge you to look at physics games in a new way with Colour Bind", a puzzle game with a radical twist. In this vector-drawn world, colour and gravity are connected. Manipulating one may affect the other, so choose your path wisely and solve dozens of fiendish puzzles.

And once you find the solution, try it again to beat y

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Colour Bind (PC)
Colour Bind (PC)
Colour Bind (PC)

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Colour Bind (PC) 2012-09-25 22:38:08 Karin Spirig
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Karin Spirig Reviewed by Karin Spirig    September 25, 2012
Last updated: September 25, 2012
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Colour Bind

I have an affinity for reviewing games that I assume will not be accessible to the AbleGamers community. I guess you could say, I enjoy being pleasantly surprised and Colour Bind fits that bill. Colour Bind is a physics-based puzzle platformer that uses a color-coded system to determine the direction of gravity. One color keeps you firmly on the ground, while another will send you flying to the left or right. The game uses very simple graphics that might appear boring if the game wasn’t so challenging and engaging with its use of gravity swaps.

The game is extremely challenging intellectually and forces the player to use twitch reflexes and make split-second decisions. Luckily, the game allows you to advance to another level without completing a previous one, though this is not always a benefit since the levels become more and more challenging as the game progresses.

To play Colour Bind, players act as a little cart that can be controlled in four ways: forward, reverse, bounce and stop using the arrows or A, S, D, space on the keyboard. At times the direction is reversed so that the left arrow moves the cart to the right, which can be frustrating. You must problem-solve your way through a geometric environment using only those directions in combination with gravity changes that are activated by switches or laser beams. Each level is timed and encourages you to beat your best time. I did not find the time-trial aspect adding to game-play since the puzzles can be extremely challenging without needing to feel that I had to rush.

Colour Bind, in standard mode, utilizes a black background, grey environmental boarders and green, red and blue gravity switches. The gravity color-code is always displayed at the bottom of the screen. Thankfully, for our color-blind readers, within the options menu, players can choose to play using a pattern mode or the colors can be reversed so that the background is white and the switches are pink, yellow and teal.

While the game does require some quick reflexes, it can be fairly forgiving, allowing you to reset to retry the level over and over. I never felt that the speed of my reflexes interfered with solving a level successfully. There is also a companion mode that allows players to have a friend play cooperatively.

Our hearing-impaired readers will be very happy with this game as there are very few sound-effects or ambient noise. The game does not rely on sound at all, but rather simply includes gentle sound of clicking when the cart is moving or sounds to indicate that gravity has changed. These sounds do not affect game-play at all as all the cues are visual and not auditory.

The game includes over 50 single-player modes, 20 co-op modes and the ability to create, edit and share your very own levels.

This game, without a doubt requires patience, intelligence and perseverance, but is surprisingly addictive. I am very happy to see that the developers have included modes for players who are color-blind to play successfully and have kept the controls very simple for players to use. This game certainly challenges the mind, but I’m glad to see that it doesn’t challenge our ability to play it too much.

At a Glance

Mobility: The game uses the four arrows or simple A, S, D space controls on the keyboard. Reflexes can certainly be challenged and for those with precision or speed difficulties, this game may pose some difficulties. 7/10

Hearing: The music and environmental sounds create a relaxing gaming experience that certainly helped reduce my frustration at times but there is no need for the sound to enjoy game-play. Recommended score: 10/10

Vision: Gamers with certain visual impairments may find the game more difficult to play. The developer was very accommodating by including options to change the color code to pattern or to an inverted pallet. Recommended score: 9/10

Overall: I think the game is very challenging and includes some unique puzzles and levels. It had me thinking, attempting, attempting again and then changing my tactics over and over throughout gameplay. While sometimes frustrated, I felt very ingenious upon completing some of the most challenging levels.

This game is available on Steam or for $9.99

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Karin Spirig
Author: Karin Spirig
I work with children with disabilities and am very interested in accessible gaming.

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