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Doodle Jump Free has been around for some time on iOS, but its age does not hamper the fun. The object of the Doodle Jump is to keep jumping from platform to platform, until you either fall to the bottom of the screen or hit an enemy. On the journey upward there are hazards as well as special items that help you on your journey. Springs and trampolines help you soar to new heights, while hats glide you with more control. On the other hand, enemies and broken platforms stand in your way. Have no fear though, tapping the screen shoots upward making enemies easy to disperse. If it sounds simple, that’s because it is.

Accessibility wise, Doodle Jump is not for everyone. Doodle Jump is playable one handed and you control the character by tilting the screen left or right. The magnitude of the tilt determines how fast the character moves, so slight motions are needed as well as reflexes due to the speed of gameplay.

Doodle-Jump-fbDoodle Jump has sound effects that warn players of enemies before they appear on screen, although they do not indicate where the enemy is in relation to the player. This early warning is not conveyed in any other way, however the game is still playable without sound.

Doodle Jump, however, shines visually. There are numerous themes in the game and each has a different art style. In the first selectable theme, the game is rendered against white grid paper which fits the game perfectly. Along with this grid however comes colored platforms that can be confused. Although I have never reached the height at which they come into play, the intro indicates that there are red platforms that disappear in addition to the standard green platforms. There are rustic platforms that fall away too, although they have breaks in the middle that make them distinguishable from the green platforms.

The space theme does away with colored platforms in favor of solid and debris platforms that are easier to spot than the normal rustic colored platforms. The other two themes, Christmas and Halloween, take similar approaches and bring their own unique twist and feel. The lack of colored platforms makes them more accessible than the basic grid, although they have relatively low score limits before the game ends and prompts you to purchase the full version. While Doodle Jump Free is not accessible to everyone, many gamers can enjoy the simple pleasures of jumping spaceward.

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