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Precision > No You will need precision to play
One-Handed > No Avoid this game
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Subtitles > No You may want to move past this game
Colorblind > No Not so sure this is the game for you

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October 21, 2008
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Caught between two rival factions in war-torn Africa, you are sent to take out "The Jackal", a mysterious character who has rekindled the conflict between the warlords, jeopardizing thousands of lives. In order to fulfil your mission you will have to play the factions against each other, identify and exploit their weaknesses, and neutralise their superior numbers and firepower with surprise, subversion, cunning and, of course, brute force.

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Far Cry 2 (Xbox 360)
Far Cry 2 (Xbox 360)
Far Cry 2 (Xbox 360)

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Far Cry 2 (Xbox 360) 2012-09-02 18:28:48 Scott Puckett
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Scott Puckett Reviewed by Scott Puckett    September 02, 2012
Last updated: September 02, 2012
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Far Cry 2

Far Cry 2 was one of the first games I bought when I got my Xbox 360. A clerk recommended it and Army Of Two, which makes that day the single worst day of buying games that I’ve ever had, especially since he recommended both titles over the vastly superior Battlefield: Bad Company. Although Far Cry 2 isn’t as abysmally depressing and cynical as Army Of Two, it’s pretty damn close. Players choose their avatar from half-a-dozen or so mercenaries and then get dumped into the middle of a civil war somewhere in Africa, with the sole job of finding and killing an arms dealer.

While Far Cry 2 looked good when I bought it in 2008, and still looks okay now, the gameplay is utterly atrocious. Fast travel is limited to five sites on a large map. Players will find themselves being shot and shelled by enemies they can’t see, only to empty clips into enemies at point blank range and then have to reload and continue shooting because the first clip didn’t kill them. This is true for pistols, assault rifles, submachine guns and shotguns. Sniper rifles, oddly enough, seem to be able to kill an enemy regardless of where players hit them. Head shots work great, but chest, arm and leg shots will also do the trick. Half a dozen rounds from an assault shotgun from 10 feet away won’t kill an enemy, but hitting someone in the foot with a single round from a Dragunov at a range of 100 meters or so will. While this is a slight exaggeration, it isn’t much of one.

And then there’s the driving component of the game, which is basically a poorly executed variation on Grand Theft Auto, except it seems that every single vehicle on the road contains hostiles who will chase the player and shoot at them without any particular reason. Even worse, every mission seems to involve a long drive which usually can’t be shortened much, if at all, and usually involves two or three separate stops, each of which will involve combat and may involve rescuing a buddy. The steering feels like driving a heavy truck with a trailer attached, and that’s with a responsive vehicle. If you happen to be sufficiently unfortunate to be on a fanboat, be ready to drift onto any obstacle in the way and then get out and repeatedly push Y to get the boat back into the water.

Between the concerns seeing enemies (even though they seem unusually gifted at seeing the player and shooting them), the problems with limited fast travel and extended driving, and the increasing difficulty level, even on easy, Far Cry 2 is less of a game and more of an exercise in masochistic frustration, constantly being forced to fight respawning enemies, and staying alive against ridiculous odds that simply aren’t fun.

Frankly, I simply can’t recommend Far Cry 2 to anyone, not even at the cost of a rental from Redbox or Gamefly. Every mechanic in the game is a nightmarish mess, and the only redeeming feature is that the scenery usually looks okay.

With that said, let’s get to the accessibility.

Accessibility Issues / Concerns

Where to begin? Which nightmare of accessibility should we address first?

Should we talk about the subtitles, which exist but are in a light-colored font and often disappear into the background? Why should we? They frequently disappear into the background. Adjusting brightness levels doesn’t seem to help – either the game becomes too dark or the subtitles are hard to read. Either way, it’s a hindrance for gamers who use subtitles.

How about precision? There are seven controller schemes, each of which looks equally clunky, but more problematic is combat. There’s a lot of it and emptying a clip into an enemy at point blank range isn’t a sure kill; headshots aren’t even a sure kill. Even more problematic is that it’s often impossible to see where shots are coming from, much less where an enemy actually is. Enemies, like subtitles, blend into the background and can be almost impossible to see, making it very easy to die without ever seeing where the enemy was.

If you have already figured out that color is a significant problem in Far Cry 2, pat yourself on the back. While Far Cry 2 doesn’t really require players to be able to see red and green, the color palette is muted and washed out; enemies blend into the background, subtitles often can’t be seen against the background, and generally speaking, it can be very difficult to see what’s going on unless you’re fighting at a guard post or in a shantytown, and even then, any brush nearby can conceal opponents.

Not only is Far Cry 2 not recommended as a game, it is especially problematic for disabled gamers due to these concerns. Moreover, it’s old enough that these problems aren’t going to be fixed.

Mobility: 1
Visual: 1
Hearing: 1

My original purchase price: $29.99
Recommended purchase price: Not recommended

At A Glance

Precision: Empty clips into enemies at point-blank range and marvel as they don’t die! Recommend rating of 1 out of 10.

Deaf Gamers: Light-colored text frequently blends into the background, making it difficult – if not impossible – to read. Recommend rating of 1 out of 10.

One-handed: Similar problems as any other first-person shooter, compounded by enemies blending into the background and controls which aren’t especially responsive. Recommend rating of 1 out of 10.

Subtitled: Light-colored text frequently blends into the background, making it difficult – if not impossible – to read. Recommend rating of 1 out of 10.

Color Blind: Subtitle text and enemies blend into the background. The color issues with this game aren’t limited to identifying red and green. Recommend rating of 1 out of 10.

Checkpoint / Save System: Players must reach a safe house or gun shop to save. Players frequently seem to have an option to save during missions after reaching a milestone. Recommend rating of 1 out of 10.

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  • Seems the PC version is way better than XBOX360 but the game still is a mess. Enemies shoot ridiculously precise and you have to be constantly on the move in order not to eat dust at once. After two third of the game I couldn't find any mission for days and driving by speech recognition is a pain. Getting stuckis also quite common.Coloring is plain boring, whether this realistic or not. As a conclusion I have to mention the horrible AI. Enemies are stupid it hurts. I liked the intense and difficult gunfights, though.

  • Y'know, I don't mind difficult games. Dark Souls is great, provided you can handle the difficulty, because it's fair. If you die, it isn't because of something random or a glitch - it's because you didn't figure out the puzzle that is pretty much every boss fight.

    Far Cry 2 wasn't like that. It wasn't difficult and fair, it was a bunch of random dudes with Olympic-level aim who were apparently completely clad in invisible body armor, while players might as well be throwing dirt clods at them. It's trying to find the mission location while hoping that enemies run off cliffs or manage to get themselves killed because player weapons seem vastly underpowered compared to enemy weapons. And when you pick that enemy weapon up, it seems to be dramatically underpowered.

    I have to conclude from this that we aren't talking about a game which is intentionally and fairly difficult like Dark Souls, and which markets itself as such, but rather a game that was poorly designed and executed. Likewise, I won't give a crap game a pass because the graphics look good. I'd rather have Minecraft-level graphics and Minecraft-level game play than near filmic quality graphics and Far Cry game play.

    Based on combodude's comments, it seems like Far Cry 2 is that incredibly rare example of a port that is better on the PC than it is on consoles. (Assuming, of course, that Far Cry 2 was originally intended for consoles and ported to PC. If it wasn't, that may be the problem.)

  • Not to be rude but the game has multi player and subtitles at least the pc version does anyways..

  • Yes, the game has subtitles. That's noted in the article. They're just functionally unreadable much of the time. Yes, the game has a multiplayer component. If the single-player component is bad, the multiplayer is typically worse (and, for the record, that is absolutely true in this case) because it combines all the flaws in the game but with humans instead of an AI, meaning it's faster and not predictable. What's your point?

  • You win.. But as a game dev i will say that a game usally isnt ment to be predictable..

  • Oh sanp i read that wrong so sorry...

  • Well, now I'm even more confused by what you're trying to say. My point, simply put, is that any AI is eventually predictable with sufficient exposure to it. The heuristics involved effectively force it to be predictable, at least at this time. Twenty or thirty years from now, we may have AIs which are actually capable of making cognitive leaps commonly associated with organic brains because the hardware will exist to handle such processing . People, on the other hand, are not predictable. That's why we generally tend to have humans operate machinery that could be piloted or operated using heuristics (I'm thinking of drones and other military hardware in particular).

    Likewise, you started your first comment with "not to be rude but ..." which suggests that you thought I might take your comments as rudeness. I'm not entirely sure what's going on there either.

    Put as bluntly as possible, if you'd like to discuss something about the review, be direct and tell me what you'd like to discuss. If you're polite, I won't take it as rudeness, as long as your comments indicate that you actually read the passage you're commenting on (and right now, I suspect that you may have missed something or that you may not have read the review closely). I'll stress that my comments aren't about trying to "win" anything, they're about making sure I'm available to answer questions or respond to concerns, and that I'm accountable for what I write.

  • My english is rubbish so sorry about your confused but this is what confused me the most " all the flaws in the game but with humans instead of an AI, meaning it's faster and not predictable" Like isnt a game supposed to be not predictable?

  • I wondered if there might be a language difference, but I never like to assume.

    That comment, as I explained above, simply means that the mechanics which make the game inaccessible are still present in multiplayer, but that multiplayer is vastly more difficult since players can predict AI actions after playing the game for a bit while human operators are unpredictable. Likewise, multiplayer modes are generally far more fast-paced than any single-player campaign due to human operators. In a single-player campaign, the player can camp or snipe or hide and take their time to move through an area. In multiplayer, this is generally untrue. Thus, the multiplayer mode is significantly harder.

  • I just wanted to publicly add a reminder to all posters and readers. AbleGamers WELCOMES criticism and disagreement. This is a safe place to discuss gaming. You are perfectly allowed to disagree with reviewers. As long as it is done in a respectful way, please, discuss and disagree all you like.

    Never fear being banned or warned for criticizing a review in a respectful way.

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