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Blast into September with Halfbrick’s release of the much anticipated Jetpack Joyride for iOS Devices! That’s right this Thursday, September 1, players around the globe will be able to experience what it would be like to collect coins while having a jetpack strapped to their back...not that you’ve wanted to try that before.

Some of you may remember that I was able to have some hands-on time with the game at this year’s E3 (when it was known as ‘Machine Gun Jetpack’)

Now with its new name it’s ready to take the iPhone and iPad by storm!

Jetpack-Joyride-fbIn the short time I got to try the game I have got to say I’m very excited at what it has to offer. With simple one-touch controls to move Barry and collect coins while simultaneously avoiding dangerous traps, Halfbrick continues to prove that they are a powerhouse in the world of mobile gaming and offer titles that are accessible to a wide variety of gamers.

For more information about Halfbrick please visit and for more details and discussion on Jetpack Joyride, check out the official Facebook fan page



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Author: Marco Pasqua
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  • I picked up the iPad version today.<br />Like with any game I'll get to a point where I won't be able to progress due to ability but so far I don't regret the $0.99.<br />The controls are easy for the extremes of the screen (top and bottom) but it takes practice to learn how to get to and stay in the center of the screen. <br />Reaction time is factor with this but mine is pretty bad and I've gotten to the 'Graduate' level. <br />In game purchases seem avoidable so far but they also seem reasonably priced.

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