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Bit Dungeon is a free online game that is perfect for spare time. It is a stripped down dungeon crawler that streamlines gameplay in favor of in your face action. Each level consists of a total of nine rooms plus a boss fight. Collect loot along the way to create one unforgettable experience.

Gameplay is so simple that the night practically fights for you. Click on an enemy to attack and unless it wanders away the protagonist will keep slashing, smashing, or stabbing away, depending on your weapon of course. Additionally, you can opt to kill an enemy faster by mashing the left mouse button. While it certainly helps, it is not necessary.

bit-dungeon-fbBit Dungeon is a brutal game that requires as much blocking as slashing. Holding down the left mouse button will do just that, in addition to performing a powerful attack damaging everyone surrounding the knight. Of course along the way you also earn some nice loot in the forms of armor, weapons, magic, and rings. These impact your stats and ability to perform different attacks.

It seems that the only thing bit Dungeon is missing is a class system. The sole knight must hack his way to victory with no ranged weapons. It is a shortcoming that is easily overlooked in such a gorgeous game, but this up close action makes death innevitable. You will die in bit Dungeon. You will die often and you will start from scratch. I have died in the first room, in boss fights, in a soulless state, and everything in-between. I click to start a new game though because bit Dungeon is so addictive and unique.

Accessibility wise bit Dungeon requires just the mouse to play. Left click to attack, walk, pick up items and hold to block. The levels rotate through different themes, so an ice cave theme showcases blue everything, while other levels are primarily green or red. Another problem is the health is red and on the left while stamina is purple and on the right side and potions correspond to those colors. Other than that, the game does not use any colors to denote things that are not written too. The blocky text might be hard for some gamers to see though. Hearing impaired gamers have nothing to worry about as the game is fully playable without sound. So what are you waiting for? Go die in the dungeon!

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