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Zork is a text based adventure game that was released before my time in the 70's. Fortunately, the game is free online, for anyone who wants to relive a classic.

In a land far away, in an era past, there were computers that had no graphics. Out of this desperate time of need came Zork, one of the games that started the adventure genre. Without graphics, the game relies solely on text. You input commands like “walk north” or “open mailbox” and the game responds to these commands. Unfortunately, the computer does not have the largest vocabulary, so commands are frequently met with “I don't understand.” This will turn away some gamers, but for the few that carry on through the communication problem lies a world ripe for exploration.

zork-fbIn my short time with the game I found a house, canyon, woods, and so much more. With each item I found, the story and mystery surrounding Zork deepened. I wanted to play more, although the controls prevented me from ever progressing further. Puzzle games were never my strong point. For people who love them though, Zork is a look into the history of the beloved genre.

Accessibility wise, the game is perfect for all gamers. Zork is completely text based so color, mobility, and sound are not a problem. Anyone who can use a computer will have no problem with Zork. The only things stopping gamers is their ability to solve the game's numerous puzzles. Fortunately there are plenty of strategy guides to help any lost gamer.

Zork is not without its flaws though. The controls severely hinder the immersion. It is difficult to navigate through the masterpiece without frustration and stagnation, which lead me to give up at the point in which did not know how to advance. Some gamers will be turned off to the difficult controls, but it is certainly worth taking a stab at. So what are you waiting for? Relieve the 70's with Zork.

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My favorite thing to do in life is helping people. After that come gaming and writing, and somewhere those two passions merge to form my love for AbleGamers. Currently I'm studying comp sci at NYU.

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